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About me: A long-haired country boy at heart who grew up in a small town in rural Illinois. I am a former Scout/Sniper of the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division. Though not an "international man of mystery", I have travelled quite extensively across the U.S. and a few times abroad. Though most of my journeys outside of the states were as a soldier going around the world to see remote locations through a gunsite.

My travels and adventures have given me the opportunity to experience every climate and terrain this planet has to offer, along with giving me a greater appreciation for the world we live on and its inhabitants.  At points my life has been unusual to say the least; I have endured more than my share of trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Yet through it all, I have tried to remain true to myself and my ideals I value most, standing up for what I believe in when the opportunity arises, heedless of the consequences, and for this I have paid some very heavy tolls. Essentially, I am a closet polymath still looking for his place in the modern world... hopefully one day I will find it.

Currently, I am a District Archaeologist and Wildland Firefighter working for the US Forest Service. I am also an aspiring writer, mainly writing medieval fantasy and military sci-fi, along with historical and archaeological articles for publication. Currently working on the manuscript for my first full-length novel, a classic high fantasy epic. You can read some excerpts from it on the links to the left.

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